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So, why join Inspiring Lives Education Trust?


How can my school best collaborate with others in a strong and resilient structure to ensure that each child is a powerful learner and that adults have the opportunities to learn and develop as teachers and leaders?”

Every pupil a powerful learner

We will create school environments where all pupils flourish through exciting, challenging learning opportunities supported by powerful, expert teaching.

Professional growth and development

We place staff professional development the heart of our school improvement strategy.


At the heart of our trust structure is a shared vision; excellent education for all, lived out uniquely in the context of diverse communities; collaboration benefitting pupils, families and school staff.


  • Groups of schools working together with strong, strategic and focused governance.
  • Deep collaboration and strong partnerships will build a culture of school improvement.
  • Economies of scale enables schools to withstand future financial challenges.
  • Shared experiences of career development and co-operation across schools will enhance recruitment, development and retention of all staff.

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