Four Values Rooted in Love

Unity through belonging

‘Watching over one another in love’


A community within a community where each person knows their full value and every pupil matters. We believe every pupil has potential and therefore can succeed, even in the most challenging circumstances.

  • One family, one common purpose.
  • All schools belong to make up a whole.
  • Individuals’ gifts are shared, valued and appreciated.
  • Strong culture of wellbeing and co-construction.

Inclusivity through accessibility

‘For all for all’


John Wesley travelled the nation preaching for an inclusive faith that did not judge or favour or exclude. In total almost 1000 day schools were set up in the name of Methodism with a climate of establishing schooling for all and built on a reputation of good education within a free church ethos.

  • All types and phases of school are invited.
  • Our outstanding, compassionate and instrumental leaders and teaching  staff will share their experiences across all phases of education.
  • Our strong inclusion policies will meet the needs of all pupils.
  • Welcome to all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, gender and sexuality.
  • Admission policies are open and not prohibitive to the communities they serve.
  • Focus on levelling up the disadvantaged education gap.
  • Local Academy Boards will support the school context.
  • Respect for human dignity across all systems and procedures.

Excellence through servant leadership

‘Do all the good you can’


Our leaders will be strategic, inspirational and compassionate focused on delivering quality learning. Our schools will be outward-facing communities where we serve others and contribute to the common good.

  • A culture of strong accountability.
  • Staff empowered to achieve their best.
  • An excellent teacher for every pupil.
  • Systematic and bespoke CPD.
  • Focus where needed on disadvantaged/SEND/EAL pupils.
  • Evidence-based pedagogy.
  • A curriculum that meets the needs of the school community.
  • Specialist leaders across each Hub.
  • Coaching and mentoring.
  • Wellbeing embedded at all levels.
  • Stewardship of the environment and community.

Flourishing through growth

‘Life in all its fullness’


Our schools will be places where pupils and adults are nurtured and know how to live well, educationally, creatively, morally and spiritually. Environments will develop mutual respect from pupil to pupil and pupil to adults. They will foster ambitious
outcomes and lifelong learning.

  • High-quality education for all.
  • A rich curriculum offer.
  • Effective pastoral support and chaplaincy or wellbeing officer.
  • Safeguarding as a priority to ensure all our schools are a safe place.
  • High-quality CPD, school, hub and trust wide.
  • Wellbeing and mental health support.
  • Servant leadership.
  • Individuals are appreciated for their gifts and challenges.
  • Schools that are embedded in their communities.
  • Connection with worldwide issues.
  • Behaviour policies that enable change and growth.

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